Strip dancing was considered a taboo subject for a long time, but now the tides are changing, and people are more open than ever about this topic. They come to know about the challenges of this profession. People started to respect strip dancers as they now see this as another profession. Like any other career, strip or pole dancing requires specific skills. There is no one who can deny that the lifestyle of an exotic dancer runs on a rigorous schedule. The primary need for this career is a well-performed dancing technique. Apart from the sexy Stripper Costume, a dancer needs a fit body to perform her act with high energy. We all can agree that all the exotic strip dancers have killer and fit bodies. A fit body is the most important part of their resume.

Many people start pole dancing these days to stay fit, but an actual pole dancer needs much more. But maintaining fitness is not easy as these dances work on a very tight schedule. They need to work tirelessly to maintain their dancing on the top. The craft of a strip or exotic dancer is on a different level. 

We have created a list of the most effective exercises for strip dancers.

Hanging Leg Raises

Core strength helps exotic dancers to perform high-intensity stunts in the Stripper Costume on the pole throughout their performance. To enhance the core strength of the human body, acrobatic activities are the best to enhance the human body's core strength. You can opt for hanging leg raises and crunches to build a dancer's Abs. The best part is that you can do it in the park, at the gym or at home. You need a pull-up bar to perform it. Hang your body freely on the pull-up bar and try to lift your legs towards the bar. You can perform this exercise by bending your knees or keeping your leg straight to gain more strength.


In a strip dancer fitness routine, squats must be included as legs are the most important aspects for a pole dancer. For a strip dancer, her legs are money makers as they are on display during their performance. So it is essential to adopt a good workout regimen to make your legs appealing and sexy. You can add lunges, bicycling, or elliptical to your workout along with the squats.

Arm Strength exercises

Arm strength is critical for an exotic or pole dancer. In pole dancing, you need to lift your whole body horizontally on the pole. Most strip dancers gain this upper body power during their performances. If you still lack arm strength, a strip dancer can choose Lateral Raise (Side Raise), Overhead Extension, Push-Ups, Tricep Push-Ups, Bicep Curl, Dumbbell Row, Plank To Push-Up, Tricep Dips, or Dumbbell Punch for strengthening their arms. These lifts help enhance the upper body's strength to an incredible level.

More exercises for strip dancers To be in the best shape and show top game

Ashtanga Yoga

Yoga training is a rising trend globally as it helps tone your body without any substance to wear a Stripper Costume confidently. The most incredible thing about yoga is that you can perform a yoga exercise anywhere and without any equipment. The yoga exercise has four parts: the opening sequence, the main sequence, a back-bending sequence, and a finishing sequence.


All the hard work of exercise does not pay off well if an exotic dancer's diet is not balanced. A six-small meal diet is the best option for any dancer to fit in the sexy Stripper Costume. The small meal portions keep your metabolism high to burn calories faster. Opt for low-carb foods such as oatmeals. Carb-heavy foods can cause water retention and bloat.

High-intensity interval training

HIIT Workouts are designed to make the workout regimens Quick. An exotic dancer lacks time, so it is perfect for toning up and slimming down. HIIT workouts are carried out with bodyweight exercises or lightweight. HIIT workouts burn fat and build lean muscle. A HIIT workout usually lasts 30-45 minutes, and many workouts are shorter.

Stretching Exercises

Flexibility in the exotic dancer's body is key to outstanding performances. Flexibility allows you to perform any exercise or dance routine very quickly. It can also help you in recovering fast from workouts. The best exercise for flexibility is stretching. The stretching exercise does not take a long time, as a 15-minute exercise is enough for you.

Avoid Sugar and Salt

Sugar and salt are enemies of the human body. They prevent excess water from exiting our bodies. It can cause you to gain extra pounds. The excess water causes bloating and water retention, preventing you from visiting exotic clothing store near me as you feel less confident.